Story # 2 – Free your mind; free their souls.

A photo of a Sara Dasko (left), CEO and Tutor and Rosana Cruz (right), student from Brazil studying in a Starbucks coffee shop just off of Macleod Tr Calgary. Photo by Otisha Sousa with the Polytechnic Press.

By Otisha Sousa

Calgary entrepreneur and former teacher, Sara Dasko dedicates herself to a tutoring and teaching company with a vision to free student’s minds, and slaves’ souls.

After finally getting her company Free Mind Learning Services up and running, the hard work spent to find the company’s stability had almost paid off.

“I found that it was missing something,” said Dasko, twirling a strand of her strawberry blonde hair between her forefinger and thumb.

Dasko’s original goal was just to start up a basic tutoring and teaching company with affordable services, but her objective quickly changed when she learned more about the slave trades around the world.

She explained that she didn’t want to work for money.

“I know that sounds crazy to some, but I wanted to work for something that I’m passionate about,” said Dasko, her eyes taking a different light as she relived a memory.

Since finding out that there are more slaves today than in any time period in history, Dasko has committed her time, efforts, prayers, and money to this issue.

A photo of a few women involved with Free Mind Learning Services. From left to right Megan Paulhus (Tutor), Sara Dasko (CEO), Rosana Cruz (student from Brazil). Shot at a Starbucks location just off of Macleod Tr Calgary. Photo by Otisha Sousa with the Polytechnic Press.

“I cannot stand for stories of precious, innocent, little girls being thrown into the sex-trade in order to provide for their families or pay off a family debt,” said Dasko, wrinkling her brow at the thought.

“This is the epitome of societal destruction: people owning other people, acting better than others, and exploiting the weak.”

Dasko quickly discovered an organization called the International Justice Mission (IJM), which is dedicated to preventing slavery and other such injustices by changing the legal systems within those countries. Instantly, she was compelled to join them in their vision.

“They provide rehabilitation centres and care, but they’re not just a bandage. They strive to prevent these problems from happening in the future. And that is simply an incredible mission.” said Dasko, who now donates 10 per cent of Free Mind Learning Services’ profits to IJM.

Her tutoring services company now allows clients an affordable opportunity for personal learning improvement, but also presents the opportunity of helping to free the world of its many injustices one step at a time.

Dasko was born and raised in Calgary and attended the Calgary Christian School of Palliser Regional schools division from kindergarten to the Grade 12.

Her passions were always of the eclectic type: languages, music, arts, philosophy and writing. She originally thought she would enjoy teaching at institutions.

“I like teaching and learning for personal improvement and growth: lifelong learning, not test-teaching,” said Dasko.

“But I find with tutoring that you can invest much more into each student, rather than just prepare them for a weekly exam.”

Specializing in English as a second language (ESL) and English as a foreign language (EFL), Free Mind offers services for every subject in the high school curriculum. Adults and post-secondary students are also welcome.

Dasko also hopes to help enlighten students with one-on-one career counselling sessions.

“The pressure of choosing a career path often leaves students numb and even overwhelmed. I’d love to help with this process,” said Dasko, whose goal is to provide quality, purposeful, and affordable tutoring to people in Calgary and even beyond.

A photo of Free Mind's contact card on top of a tutor's textbook. Shot at a Starbucks location just off of Macleod Tr Calgary. Photos by Otisha Sousa with the Polytechnic Press.

A unique entrepreneur, Dasko also dedicates her time to two other companies as well.

“There’s The Shelley Line, a jewelry business my mom and I are expanding into home selling, and the third business is booking local bands and artists at an open mic night every Monday at the Shamrock,” said Dasko.

She has run into problems in the initial stages of her businesses but has learned from past mistakes in order to build a better sense of awareness of what it takes to be successful.

“I am always, always, always up for personal improvement.”

Sara Dasko can be contacted at  or at her website if anyone has donations or a passion for tutoring, marketing, public relations or external affairs.





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