Welcome to tishfeed and thanks for taking a browse!

My name is Otisha Marie Sousa (I go by Tish), i’m a second year Print Major at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) where we spent a majority of our time either working on news and feature articles, press releases and marketing concepts or publishing out SAIT paper – the Polytechnic Press.

I plan on transfering to U of C after graduating with my Journalism Arts Diploma from SAIT in May 2012 in order to continue on with there Concurrent Education/English degree in order to become an English teacher at the secondary level. At the high school’s I will teach at, I hope to inspire the young minds of many at the final frontier – the twelfth grade, both with the way I teach, coach and get them involved with taking action in the community around them.

What i’m planning to do with this blog is raise awareness about all the different organizations out there attempting to tackle the injustices that plague our world. Here, we can discuss their tactics – are they working, or are they a disaster? With that said, we can all chose an effort to take a part of.


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